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 ✅Hardness tests on train wheels Integral Wheels ✅ - YouTube

A durometer called Integral Wheels is developed to determine the hardness of railroad wheels. It has a motor-driven rotating table that can also move horizontally (on the X axis) to load the wheel easily in order to make the operator's job as simple as possible.
By setting a fully automatic cycle (e.g. 3 tests at 120°, 4 at 90°, etc.) the motor-driven rotating table allows the tests to be carried out by programming the test points, working with the highest precision and considerably reducing the working time. Our traditional head for Brinell, Rockwell, and Vickers scale hardness testing is included in the base version.

Integral Rotary is known as production hardness tester. it can be considered a working island, as it is equipped with test axis and an additional turning table, as well as a second Y axis to move the table back and forth in relation to the head.

The motors of Integral Rotary are directly interfaced with the computer, they are programed together with the work programed using proprietary software.

The rotary table can be programed to accept single large piece, on which various radial and angular tests will be carried out. Alternatively, it can be set up for the use of Integral Rotary as a production machine for testing several smaller pieces, interfaced with a robot for loading/unloading pieces from the rotary table, which can be programed in steps of 2, 4, 6, 8, ... 2n positions

. Automatically perform suface preparation, adjusting RPM and test depth (up to 5 mm) through a dedicated slot inside the revolver head
. Compete the indentation, using the appropriate indeter
. Read the indentation using the optical system with auto focus
. Create the test report, and the company management system will receive it right away.

Axial, transversal and lateral stiffness
Bowing angle
Motor-driven automatic XY-lower table with a 0.01 mm resolution
Automatic indication of the angle of the lateral chasse
Lateral Forces (Fx, Fy)
Goniometrically engraved disc for chasse-marking indication.
User-friendly software


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