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For performing compression and bending tests on leaf springs primarily intended for railroad and automotive applications, the Arco model leaf spring testing equipment is the best option. Depending on the type of leaf spring suspension, and in particular depending on the compression forces involved, we are able to provide an ergonomic solution to suit every application requirement.

The center plate of the leaf spring testing apparatus is moved along the vertical axis while the load cell is mounted there. This design makes it feasible to test a variety of goods, including leaf springs, coil springs, and common spring components, on the same equipment.
We offer a servo-electric system, totally abandoning hydraulic technology even for high loads. In actuality, the leaf spring testing apparatus has a brushless motor, a ball screw, and an absolute encoder. The special feature of the testing machine is a control system based on several proprietary cards (for axis control + cell readers) with CAN-bus connection, for displacements to position or force, with 1000 Hz feedback speed. In order to achieve a minimum resolution of 100,000 divisions, the loading cell is read 1000 times per second (which can be increased by slowing down cell reading).
Head to one or more points and read the corresponding forces and positions,
Indicating the number of test cycles, entering the number of test cycles,
maintain a particular load or position for a predetermined amount of time,
Read while passing through,
Perform real-time mathematical calculations.

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