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Flash Butt Welding




Rail welding

The welding processes used by Bemo Rail are certified in accordance with ISO 3834-2 to ensure quality. This, along with our certified staff, guarantees the highest level of quality attainable in our industry.. Bemo Rail provides 3 types of rail welding:

. Flash butt welding
. Puddle arc welding
. Thermite welding


Flash Butt Welding

You as a customer can benefit greatly from this welding technique in terms of quality, lead time, and dependability. The highest grade weld possible was created without the usage of filler materials.. This weld is certified in accordance with EN14587-2. Excellent mechanical qualities in terms of elongation, stress, and fatigue characterise this welding technique. Throughput time: With the ability to produce 30 welds each day, throughput time can be optimised. This makes this welding method ideal for large projects, stationary work, working at heights, and shortening lead times.Reliability and Rail profiles



A machine from the same manufacturer has been used to create more than 30 million welds globally. Many studies on this welding technique have demonstrated that there is absolutely no risk of breaking. Rail profiles: The equipment is capable of welding a variety of rail profiles, including groove rail, vignola rail, low crane rail, and high crane rail. Weights for the welding-required profiles range from 49 kg/m1 (S49) to 150 kg/m1 (A150).
Characteristics flash butt welding
‘The best rail weld’
. Very suitable for large numbers of welds
. 100% result (no weld added material)
. Economical for large numbers of rail joints
. Suitable for both ground-level and aerial crane tracks
. No NDT required, 100% connection guaranteed.


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