Cylindrical Buoy

Cylindrical Buoy is designed to be used for heavy mooring applications including markings and fish farms. The Cylindrical Buoy is manufactured from a polyethylene foam core encapsulated within a self-colored polyurethane outer skin with the polyurethane foam that ensures the buoy will not absorb water even if the skin is punctured thus increasing the lifespan of the product and reducing maintenance costs. The resilient material makes the buoy self-fendering with a high impact absorption capacity. Cylindrical Buoy is resistant to both abrasion and ultraviolet degradation. Three main types of cylindrical buoys are:

  • Standard Cylindrical Buoy has removable clevis plate/eye with Central tension member designed to suit the client’s safe working load.
  • Chain-Through Cylindrical Buoy has central tube for the chain to pass through chain locking device, on one end or both, securing the buoy to the chain
  • Pick-up Cylindrical Buoy for marking and pick-up duties.