Absorbent Pad

Absorbent Pad is designed to absorb Chemical, Oil, and universal spills. Absorbent Pad is the fastest way to clean up a spill. Absorbent Pad is available in a range of different weights and materials. Oil Absorbent Pad, Universal Absorbent Pad, and Chemical Absorbent Pad provide for rapid capillary action and excellent absorbent capacity and retention. Oil Absorbent Pad designed for adsorbs petroleum-based liquids and repelled water. Oil Absorbent Pad recommended using on minor on water oil spills and in-plant use. Excellent for pipelines, shipyards, ship and yachts decks, factories, industrial plants, loading docks, machine and maintenance shops, fire departments, municipal spill response or anywhere liquid, chemical or oil spills occur. Oil absorbent Pad is always easily placed and retrieved. Available in blue or white, for heavy and light weights oils.