Oil Spill Response Barge

Oil spill response barges combine oil carrying barge outfitted with the dedicated skimming-system ocean boom, deployment equipment, and communication facilities necessary to function as a fully certified offshore response vessel. Oil spill response barge provides a stable and spacious work platform for offshore operations. This is a non-propelled cargo barge for the offshore industry, suitable for storage and transport of sewage waters (received from other vessels or fixed plants), equipped for recovering oil spill from the sea. If the oil recovery operation is not required, the spill oil recovery equipment can be removed from the main deck area and stowed in the warehouse area. This gives the possibility of using the barge as “Flat top barge” for cargo on the main deck. The shape of the oil spill response barge shall be designed to guarantee good behavior while pushed in iced sea condition, good course stability, and seakeeping behavior during towing in open water.