Floating Dock and Platform

Floating Dock and Platform

Floating Dock and Platform is available in different types and configurations. These are suitable for use in residential, commercial, marina, port, sea, river, lake and industrial applications and watercraft storage.

Floating Dock and Platform is the quickest and the most convenient way to dry-dock the jet ski, boat or watercraft on the water. The system rollers are adjustable to accommodate the hull of the watercraft. The polyethylene rollers allow easy loading and launching.

There is an interlocking extrusion system for easy snap-together configurations for all designs and deck spaces that enable one to assemble an endless variety of shapes, layouts, and configurations, making it easy to design the ideal dock system

Floating Dock + Platform Configurations:

  • Custom Layout
  • U-Shaped
  • P-Shaped
  • T-Shaped
  • L-Shaped

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